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10 Apr 2018, Tues, 18:53:51 (GMT +8)
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Want an instant rush of adrenaline? Head on over to the race tracks and join in an exceptional game of horse racing!

Horse racing has been around for ages, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down today. Thanks to K9Win, you can now watch live races and make your best pick — anytime, anywhere —through CITIbet, a leading race betting platform in Asia.

With horse racing through CITIbet, you will get exclusive access to live horse races from across the globe. Here, you can join and bet on multiple matches worldwide from the comforts of your own home. CITIbet’s real-time updates and immersive gameplay will definitely make you feel like you’re experiencing the thrill of horse racing, live from the tracks!

Benefits to look forward to with CITIbet:

Access to worldwide matches – CITIbet is your window to local and international races such as the Kentucky Derby and the Dubai World Cup. Wherever you are, you can join and win big in any of the races happening around the world.

Privacy and security – Recognised as safe by the Google Safe Browsing application and McAfee, you can be sure that your privacy and confidentiality is one of CITIbet’s top priorities. Now you can play with peace of mind!

Affordability – For as little as 5RM, you can enter a match and win big at horse racing at CITIbet. An advantage of online betting is that you can skip the hassle and costliness of bookies, and enjoy low bookmaking margins with a high pay-out.

More ways of winning – CITIbet offers several betting options to satisfy all your risk appetite and betting preferences. You can choose to either pick your winning horse, or play against the crowd favourite, as well as play directly against other players based on their ticket bets.

More games to enjoy – Looking for something new and different? Why not try your hand on harness and greyhound racing instead? Otherwise, you can also enjoy a variety of other sportsbetting games available on CITIbet.

Register today at CITIbet and enjoy a round of horse racing now!